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You have gifts, skills and talents to share with the world. Your branding helps you communicate that to your audience and showcase your individuality, creativity and expertise.

At the Brand Tribe, we’re all about helping you get there. We work with creatives and small business owners who are ready to rock their personal brand. We help you establish your unique self in these overstated e-streets, connect with your audience, monetize your brand presence and truly create a beautiful brand that resonates with you and your tribe.

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How would it feel to have all of the resources, tools, and materials you needed to develop a powerful brand? How would it feel if we provided you all of these things in less than a week?

That’s right… less than a week. Our Complete a in week total branding package is designed for small business owners and content creators who are ready to hit the ground sprinting with their personal brand.

This package includes brand strategy consulting so that you have a rock solid brand foundation, a customized website and marketing materials. At the end of our week session, you will have your brand visuals, website and brand strategy so that you can immediately start growing your brand.

Perhaps you don’t need a full branding package? We also offer al la carte services so you can choose what you need to get to your next level.



Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who needs assistance developing your brand, an intermediate business owner ready to transform your brand presence or simply just want to connect with other amazing boss babes, our workshops are geared towards helping you!

Our interactive workshops include topics such as goal setting & planning for small biz owners, monetizing your online presence, content creation, and social media strategies.

Our goal is for you to leave our workshops excited and educated!

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